Telecommunication - Construction, Engineering and Consulting Services

PrimeCom is a Telecom and Technology Company dedicated to providing the finest in Engineering solutions, Construction & Installation, and Technology consulting services. Our members and staff of engineers are highly experienced and dedicated professionals with several years of proven experience in telecommunication industry. We strive to provide innovative, powerful and strategic methodologies to enable organizations to deliver cost effective technology solutions rapidly.

PrimeCom approaches problem solving for our customers by taking a multi-dimensional approach to recommending solutions. By combining the business requirements with accurate technology mappings, PrimeCom forges an appropriate solution set to complex business needs. We also bring to clients the expertise of local and global resources and knowledge by offering new and cost effective solutions, insight into cutting edge developments and delivering solutions that increase business efficiencies.

 Our service offering includes Wireless Construction, Structured Wiring & Cabling, Computer Network & Data Center Installation, In-building DAS solutions, and Wireless Telecommunication Network Deployment Services in the area of GSM, EDGE, CDMA, UMTS, WiMAX, and LTE Technologies.

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